Compositing For Technical Direction
Winter 2006

Here is the last assignment. This project was begun in Senior Project 1 and I didn't think I would get to finish it because I decided to focus on rigging for Senior Project 2. There is more to the project than what you see. It is a Minoan villa and there is an outside garden enclosed with a wall. The point of my project was to recreate a historical place as it may have looked when it was first built. The outside isn't as good as the inside and needs some more work. So here is what is done and spiffy. This project was finished up for both of the finals for the Compositing and Lighting classes.

This is our second assignment. The assignment was to composite a more complex object into a scene of our choice. I chose to do a still image for the background because I know absolutely nothing about motion tracking or filming anything. I'm going to try a bit of that for the last project after the teacher explains it to us. So, to this piece. This is a snake that is based on the poisonous Coral Snake. I modeled, textured, animated and lit him in Maya. I then used Shake to composite him over the still image. His name is Bernard. I don't know why I gave him a name or that name specifically. He just sort of looks like a Bernard.

This is our first project for this compositing class. The assignment was to composite an object into a still photograph. The object needed to move through light and shadow. I chose to do a UFO. The UFO is modeled in Maya and composited in Shake. Ignore the artifacts, the original was very clean. We don't get much space on SCAD's servers, so I had to compress the movie to within an inch of it's life!