MaxScript Samples
This particular script below was written so that we could combine a mesh that was in multiple parts into one mesh, without losing the skin weights. It completely automates a tedious process that had about ten steps to it, saving the artists a lot of time when updating or altering multiple characters. It utilizes a Skin_Wrap modifier and does all the work. All the artist needs to do is select which meshes they want to combine into one, and run the script. It works with any number of meshes, two or more. In the end, the artist has one mesh, fully skinned based on the prior skin weights.

The script below was written to speed up the process of skinning multiple characters. It also reduces the chance of missing a bone when adding them to the modifier. It automatically adds a skin modifier, finds all the bones that we wanted to add, and adds them to the modifier.

The next script below was written to automatically rename missing map files in the Material Editor. This was useful to us because the directory structure was revamped, and as a result many of the file paths were broken in the Material Editor. Running this script would go through and automatically rename files to match the new directory structure.