Game Art Samples
3ds Max and Gamebryo

The clip below is a demo of the custom facial rig that I built from scratch for all of the NPCs for the Pulse!! project. All of our characters were designed to work with the same basic Character Studio rig, so the same facial rig works with all of them as well. The style of this facial rig is modeled after Jason Osipa's, however, because this is 3ds Max and not Maya, I had to come up with an entirely different way of accomplishing the same thing. This facial rig is built on top of the Character Studio rig.


Example of more exciting animation that I did, that did not make it into the game.

  The video below is a sample of the medical training simulation game that I worked on for almost four years, from August 2006 to July 2010. The first part was a later phase of the project, with some samples at the end of the earlier two phases. I was responsible for a lot of the animation, a little bit of the modeling, the majority of the rigging, including a custom facial rig for the NPCs, and also for exporting assets to the gaming engine we were using (Gamebryo) and making sure that assets worked in it and solving any errors if they did not.


This is an older reel from the Pulse!! project.


Company press release about Pulse!!


The following is actual game play in Pulse!!